Amtrak releases Windows Phone app

Windows Phone 8 now has an Amtrak app.  Put out by the National Railroad Associate, the app is available in the Windows Store and is yet another notch in the belt of the growing platform.  I left the iPhone two years ago to test drive one of the first Windows Phones, the Samsung Focus S, that ran Windows Phone 7.5….

I almost gave up the phone but the hefty, game-changing Mango update rolled about a few months later and I was sold.  It was one of the first smartphones that allowed you to attach pics and attachments just like you did any email.  It also boasted a universal “back” button that enabled you jump back screen after screen across any app or program or web page.  This was awesome, groundbreaking, and I’ve been a Windows Phone groupie ever since.

I’ve since graduated to the perennial Nokia Lumia 920 and it’s the best smart phone I’ve ever owned.  I’m thinking very seriously about possibly investing in the Nokia Lumia 1520.  Watch out Galaxy Note, watch out!  It boasts a 6″ screen, which is a whole 1/2″ bigger than the Note II, and we all know much a 1/2″ matters.  Lol.  The one knock on the early Windows Phone platform is the lack of apps.  Recently though you see more and more mainstream companies rolling out Windows apps:  like Chase, Adobe, Facebook, Betty Croker, Esurance, LinkedIn, to name just a few.  Now Amtrak joins the band and I downloaded the app tonight.  You can sign in to your Amtrak account, and like online, it’s tagged to your Guest Rewards account.  You can buy tickets on it, pull up your 10-ticket and monthly passes to be scanned by the conductor on the train, and search for stations and reservations.

Go Windows Phone!

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