NOH8 Campaign celebrates 5th anniversary

jim-noh8Started in Los Angeles in response to Proposition 8, the NOH8 Campaign today celebrates 5 years of silent yet powerful grassroots activism.  What started as a statement by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska, his partner Jeff Parshley, and some friends has grown into an international movement in support of LGBT equality.

Over 33,000 NOH8 pictures have been taken and published at the NOH8 website, including celebrities from the entertainment industry, politicians, and even a Queerlandia officer and blogger! ;-)

Find the NOH8 Campaign:

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Happy Anniversary, NOH8, and thanks for all the pictures!

About Jim Reeves

A liberal gay atheist living in the heart of central California's Bible belt, surrounded by oranges, walnuts, dairies and Republicans. A 9-1-1 dispatcher by career, a blogger and computer nerd by choice. If your emergency requires a cop, a fireman, a paramedic, or a blog, I'm the guy you need to call!

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  1. It was great going this year. Had lots of fun and got to hang with Ricky Rebel



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