What you find when you explore!


When exploring San Francisco yesterday with my California Architecture class, we came across the Tonga Room inside The Fairmont Hotel.  The atmosphere looks amazing! And every hour, they make it rain right there inside! The manager was kind enough to turn the rain on for my class. While usually a little pricey, I hear their happy hour deals are pretty good, and they have a small buffet for only ten dollars.  When I come back to sit and eat you can be sure I’ll do a review!

About Nathan Simpson

Just a student trying to find his way on this pale blue dot.

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  1. Sounds like a cool place…I really like the enlarged pic.


  2. Oh man Nate. I’m with Tom. This is a great, professional shot. You have a great eye!


  3. OMG ! Jealous. Nice shot


  4. I wish I was taking the class!



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