Meet Joe Rogan | Same sex marriage foes are ‘weak-*ss b*tches posing as men’

Joe-Rogan-ExperienceIf you’re like me, it’s most likely (unless you live under a rock), that you’ve heard some form of homophobic banter coming from either  relatives, classmates, fellow workers, and especially far-right anti-gay religions, often affiliated with anti-gay so-called christian organizations, regarding gays getting or wanting to get married.  It seems like it will never end.  So, in a form of a strike back, Joe Rogan had a few words to say…

Actor and comedian Joe Rogan called opponents of same-sex marriage “weak-*ss b*tches” with arguments so terrible they seem intended to discredit their beliefs.

Rogan, who appeared in the NBC sitcom “NewsRadio” and hosted the network’s “Fear Factor” reality show, was discussing opposition to same-sex marriage on an episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

For the full Raw Story-Joe Rogan article visit here.

About Tom Janus

Student of Life, Equality Advocate

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  1. I really appreciate the support but, I think he could have made his point without sexist language.



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