Nationalists Rioters Set Fire to Rainbow Art Installation


The Independence Day March in Warsaw, Poland erupted into violence, where 15,000 rioters destroyed everything in their path, including a rainbow art installation which ironically, symbolized diversity and tolerance. The nationalist and neo-Nazi groups the National-Radical Camp and the All-Polish Youth are responsible for the madness violence that ensued. All-Polish Youth has been declared an anti-gay hate group by the UN, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

Here’s the details from Al Jazeera:

“Warsaw’s main boulevard, Marszalkowska, and neighbouring areas turned into a war zone on the Independence Day March on November 11. Row after row of mostly male youth marched along the boulevard spilling into sidewalks and side streets.They carried flags with Celtic crosses and white power fists, chanted slogans with visceral force and filled the centre of the city with fire-cracker smoke. The parade, with the number of protesters set at around 15,000, was organised by two of the most prominent far-right organisations in the country, the All-Polish Youth and the National-Radical Camp.”

[...]“Within one hour of the start of the demonstration, participants had attacked two squats in the centre of Warsaw (Syrena and Przychodnia) and burnt down a rainbow installation in Plac Zbawicela, an artistic installation standing for diversity. After about two hours of marching and attacking the Russian embassy, the Polish police asked that the permit for the march be cancelled.”

It’s disheartening to hear a large demographic of the rioters are young men. In the article and the video below its said they are rioting because of “dire socio-economic conditions”. If these people had any sense they’d realise violence only begets violence, and that’s no way to gain recognition and have a seat at the table to discuss your concerns. That’s a message for all extremist parties.

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