Looking for a pet? Get a parrot!

Met this nice man taking his bird for a beautiful walk around a lake in Colorado.

For those who don’t know, parrots make wonderful pets. In this blog I”l be talking about African Grey’s specifically. They’re super-smart, trainable, and as loyal as German Shepards. They love copying sounds, words, and will dance to music. African Grey’s (or any parrot really) will also most likely outlive you, so you don’t have to go through the heartbreak of losing a pet.


Okay, I also might be a little biased because I grew up with an African Grey (named Grant), who is still alive and kicking.

African Greys will pick up pretty much any sound they hear repeatedly, like your phone, doorbell, or part of the theme song to your favorite show. They’ll nuzzle their beak against your fingers, and want you to scratch their feathers. They really are super fun animals to have as companions. You can watch a video of Whiskey the Pirate talking your ear off after the jump (you should really watch it, he’s totes-adorbs).

There are however, a few commitments one must make when getting a bird. You do have to get their wings and their raptor-talons clipped, and birds can be quite messy. You’ll end up vacuuming or sweeping up after them nearly daily, and their toys and cages aren’t exactly cheap. There’s also the fact that they do bite, and those beaks are sharp.

So they’re not pets for everyone, but they make great indoor pets. If you live in a condo complex where you can’t have dogs, and you don’t want a cat, an African Grey is a great alternative. 

6 thoughts on “Looking for a pet? Get a parrot!”

  1. I love it. I dated someone who had an African Grey Parrot and … well, sadly I loved the bird more than its owner. What an adorable character it was, chattering away to me in French and giving me whistles and sometimes the evil eye. I like this post.


    1. …And then the thought comes to mind “But if we break up, they won’t let me visit the bird anymore. :-(”

      Also with Parrots, it’s all fun and games until they let themselves out of their cage and go after your toes. :-P



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