Beer review: Flipside from Sierra Nevada Brewery


So I had this beer the other weekend when I went to a Stanford Football game. I’m a big fan of Sierra Nevada and what they brew. My love for them continues with their Flipside Red IPA. The aroma is Sierra Nevada’s trademark pine and citrus, and taste is a big dose of citrus, a little caramel, malty, coppery, and with the bitterness you expect from a good IPA. It has a medium body mouth-feel, and the carbonation level is spot-on. Once again Sierra Nevada made another delicious IPA, if you’ve never had one before I highly suggest trying it out.

The Flipside Red IPA gets a rating of 4 out of 5 baby sea otters.

4 thoughts on “Beer review: Flipside from Sierra Nevada Brewery”

  1. I’m a beer nut. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Sierra Nevada. I don’t like IPA’s though. I do like IPL’s. Next time I’m at a beer distributor, I’ll have to look for Sierra Nevada. I’m more of a porter fan myself though.


      1. I went to a beer distributor today and saw Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I was coming in for some pumpkin ale… if I hadn’t been looking for something specific, I may have picked up a case of the Sierra Nevada.



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