Colorado – Beautiful beer and delicious vistas!


Wait, scratch that, reverse. Delicious beer and beautiful vistas. Well, it would also be correct to describe Colorado as delectable candy for the eyes and soul, so delicious vistas could still work.

Another alternative title could be, The Rockies or: How I learned California isn’t the Single Greatest State and Fell in Love with Colorado. It’s a work in progress.

SouthWest was having their cheap flight deals, so when I found some fairly cheap flights to Denver I jumped at the chance. I stayed with some family I hadn’t really spent time with before, and had a blast getting to know them better.


Here are the microbrews I tried when in Colorado. Now I live in California, so I’m no stranger to microbrews, so when I heard about all of the great beer in Colorado I just had try as many as I could get my grummy paws on.  I’ll give you the rundown from right to left on what I thought of each drink.


The evening started with a glass of red wine, because I was still full from dinner. It was super delicious, but I have forgotten who it was made by. Next is the Double Pilsner by Odell Brewing Co., it was decent, I haven’t had a double pilsner and it was a little too intense for my taste. Also be careful when drinking it, because it comes with a kick, 8.1%ABV.


Sadly I didn’t get a chance to try the Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Co., and you can bet I’m kicking myself for it. I was still very full from dinner and other beer I had been drinking. I just couldn’t muster up the strength. It was described to me as the best Stout beer hands-down, and being left handed I’m inclined to believe that on faith alone. I will not pass this beer up a second time.

Not pictured is the Pilsner by Left Hand Brewing that I had on tap earlier in the day when exploring Boulder, which I highly suggest. That comes with a four star rating!

The mountains! They’re so close! (Boulder, Pearl Street)

The Rumble IPA by Great Divide Brewing Co. was pretty top-notch. Delicious mix of citrus, caramel and hops it has made my Top 10 beer favorites.

The Modus Hoperandi by Ska Brewing Co. is another one I was too full to try, and I’m really disappointed because I’m a big lover of Indian Pale Ales. I got it because the beer man that helped me pick it out was very enthusiastic about it, and it comes highly rated from Beer Advocate.


Face Down Brown Ale by Telluride Brewing Co. is one of my new favorite brown ales. If you like Newcastle or other brown ales, buy this. It was silky smooth that tasted like toffee, nuts and chocolate. Delicious!

Finally comes the Saison 88, a 25th anniversary brew from the Sante Fe Brewing Co. I have to say, I wasn’t really into it. It was semi-sour with a lot of carbonation. Pulling from their website, it’s Belgian-style and supposedly easy-drinking, but that’s not what I found. Would not recommend.


I’m sure that you will notice that there aren’t any New Belgian beers on this list, and that’s because while they are Colorado based, you can get New Belgian pretty much anywhere in California. But yes, New Belgian is absolutely delicious and highly recommend any of their beers.

Most of the photos you see were taken on the way to the Alpine Visitor Center at the top of Trail Ridge Road (highest road in the US at 12,183 feet in elevation) via Red River Road, and then a few more on the way back down.

I have fallen in love with the Colorado Rockies.

3 thoughts on “Colorado – Beautiful beer and delicious vistas!”

  1. Nate the great traveler!!! Awesome pics and that beer looks tasty. Giving me an idea for ya’ll. Will bring contents of next box with me next month=)



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