Wentworth Miller comes out and takes stand on Russian proganda law

Hunky and sexy Wentworth Miller (formerly of Prison Break) came out of the closet and took a stand against Russian hate and discrimination in a letter to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival.

wentworth miller comes out

Miller disclosed he was gay and used that as his rationale to decline an invitation to attend the festival.  Miller cited the political climate and recent law targeting gays and lesbian as his reason to stay away.

I stand up and applaud every time someone comes out.  I especially like to take note when someone in spotlight or public eye does it because it amplifies the positive effect it can have on public opinion and our youth.  Every time someone comes out it shines more light on the fact that we are not evil and sinister but we are sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.  It makes it harder for people to lie about us and depict in certain ways.  It also shines the light on the fact that are EVERYWHERE.  This sends a positive message to gay youth all over the country and we should shout it from the roof tops.

Harvey Milk believed whole heartedly that everyone, everywhere should come out and be open about who and what they are to their friends, family, and coworkers.  I agree.  While we all have to make individual decisions about how and why and who are come out to the loft goal should always be to just be who you are all the time.  Harvey Milk called the lies and misconceptions that our enemies try to spread about us “myths’.  Coming out dispels those myths and makes it harder for people to fear us because they don’t understand or know of any us first hand.  Kudos to Wentworth Miller for making the world a better and safer place and using his celebrity status to send a powerful message.

Hat tip to article at Wonder Wall.

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