The Oatmeal: How to suck at your religion

This is just a snippet of a new comic put up by The Oatmeal (they can sometimes be quite long). But this is worth posting all on its own!

Man, thank god the second bullet point isn’t true! Otherwise we’d all be mass murders! If you guys don’t read The Oatmeal, you’re really missing out!

5 thoughts on “The Oatmeal: How to suck at your religion”

  1. …laughed till I cried…come to NZ we’ll let everyone in Queerlandia get married…although that would probably trigger an earthquake in the alpine fault and then everyone would slide into the ocean and drown….


  2. As much as I adore The Oatmeal, I have found that these attitudes are slowly changing inside my church and in general. I’m finding more and more blogs by gay writers who are also Christian opening up helpful dialogs with both sides. I’m especially fond of Justin Lee’s blog at, but he’s not the only one out there. In my childhood–and presumably in The Oatmeal’s childhood–church was often about making members feel bad. Today it’s about having a relationship with a Father who loves us. Also, I live close to Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. If #2 were true those mountains would have erupted a long, long time ago.



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