It’s official! The Queen has given the Royal Assent to same-sex marriage legislation!


Just days ago the same-sex marriage bill passed it’s final reading in the House of Commons, and Queen Elizabeth II wasted no time in giving the legislation the Royal Assent and making into law! Now Same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales, and the first same-sex marriages are expected to start next summer.

The new law allows for religious and civil ceremonies, however religious organisations will have to “opt-in” to offer weddings. Also we won’t be seeing any weddings performed by the Church of England, who are banned in the new law from doing so.

Also under the new law, couples who have entered into a civil partnership will be able to convert their relationship to marriage and enjoy the full benefits that come with it.

Way to go England!

Story via BBC News.

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  1. Way to go England is right! Too bad the U.S. Congress doesn’t understand that it CAN happen here too!


  2. That image is too precious for words. A true rainbow Queen! Kudos to the creator.



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