New study finds Parent’s relationship most impactful on kids, not their sexual orientation

Gay-Happy-FamilyHey, well now look at this. A study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Virginia has found that the sexual orientation of an adopted child’s parents isn’t what matters most when raising a child, but rather how the parents worth together is most important.

The study compared  gay, straight, and lesbian couples who had all adopted a child within a few weeks of being born after they’d been parents for three years. The study observed how the couples divided labor, with straight couples defaulting to more traditional roles, and same-sex couples shared the childcare more equally. It was found this difference in childcare did not have any impact on behavioral problems in the children.

Researcher Rachel Farr says harmony is what matters:

FARR: While actual divisions of childcare tasks such as feeding, dressing and taking time to play with kids were unrelated to children’s adjustment, it was the parents who were most satisfied with their arrangements with each other who had children with fewer behavior problems, such as acting out or showing aggressive behavior. It appears that while children are not affected by how parents divide childcare tasks, it definitely does matter how harmonious the parents’ relationships are with each other.

Healthy people in healthy relationships breed healthy kids. Who’d-a-thunk-it.

Photo via Think Progress

2 thoughts on “New study finds Parent’s relationship most impactful on kids, not their sexual orientation”

  1. Finally a statistic pops out the defeats the “gay parents equal poor parenting” argument. It seriously baffles me how so many people can believe gay parents have something wrong with them that creates inefficient parenting. Homosexuality is nothing more than one’s sexual orientation; it has no bearing on your interests, passions, or personality. What matters is who the two parents are as people, and the fact that a statistic finally shed light on this already blatantly obvious fact leaves me feeling relieved that a brighter future lies ahead of us.



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