Orange Is The New Black-‘Greatest Lesbian Series Ever’?

UPDATE: After watching the entire first season, I can now say I agree that it is the greatest lesbian series ever. The acting is believable and not overdone, and the writers don’t rely on stereotypes or cliches to advance their storyline. The characters are complex and often endearing, and are done well enough that I became easily invested in their stories. I just finished watching season one and am chomping at the bit for season two. March can’t come quickly enough!

Orange Is The New Black is getting some buzz for being a new lesbian series, and some are suggesting it is the greatest lesbian series ever. I like it…a lot…but so far, I’m not seeing it as a lesbian series at all, and certainly not the greatest ever.  Yes, Piper, the main star, ‘used to be’ a lesbian and is in prison for a crime she committed with her former lesbian lover.  And yes, there are lesbians in the women’s prison she is in. I’m not sure that makes it a ‘lesbian series’. Piper is currently engaged to a man and does not say she’s a lesbian at all (though she did manage to find herself a prison wife, much to her dismay).

I’m reserving judgement about this until I get a bit further into the series.  She may realize that she IS, indeed, a lesbian after being in prison for a while. But, for me, the only outcome that would qualify it as a ‘lesbian series’ would be Piper coming to an understanding of herself which would mean she identified as a lesbian who had been playing straight.  I am not invested in her sexual orientation, but if this is going to be described as a lesbian series, I feel the main character should identify as a lesbian, or eventually come out as one.

All of that being said, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable show.  I even resubscribed to Netflix to watch it!

One thought on “Orange Is The New Black-‘Greatest Lesbian Series Ever’?”

  1. I completely agree! Although I haven’t heard the hype about Greatest Ever, it doesn’t surprise there might be some who make this jump. At this point in the series, even calling it a Lesbian show is definitely a reach.



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