The Last Stand – Better than it looks!


I was a little skeptical about the Governator returning to the silver screen, but I was in for a nice little surprise when I watched The Last Stand. After watching the trailer I started with some pretty low expectations, and I was very presently surprised they were surpassed, and then some!Also to my surprise, The Last Stand has a few big names in it, besides Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. The premise is this: Forest Whitaker stars as FBI Agent John Bannister who loses custody of a high-profile member of Mexico’s drug cartel, Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega). Now he’s running from the law and will pass through a small town where Sheriff Arnold0 and his rag-tag team of deputy’s stand to stop Cortez from escaping.

It’s just a fun summer movie. You can tell Arnold is getting a little old, he’s not moving as well as he used to, but it’s still a good movie if you’re going into it with the mindset that you’re just looking for some summer entertainment. There’s gun battles, explosions, it’s rated R so you actually see some blood, and it’s well done. If you like your action movies with a little bit of comedy thrown in, you’ll have a good time, I know I did!


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