Quote of the day: Chris Kluwe on the “think of the children” argument


“Unfortunately, what every single one of these shrieking harpies fails to realize is that they’re not, in fact, thinking of the children when they start spewing their ignorance. They’re thinking of themselves. They’re thinking of their own inability to accept the fact that two people of the same sex might happen to love each other, but they have an inkling that if they say they can’t accept it, they’re going to be called bigots, so they mask their fear and stupidity with the strongest shield they can think of.

The children.

Well, I, for one, am tired of seeing children used to disguise bigotry. I’m tired of watching the “morally upright” teach generation after generation that it’s okay to preach vitriol and obscenity as long as you include the phrase “for the children.” Above all, I’m tired of all those people who don’t have the courage to face what’s in their own hearts and then work to change for the better, to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

[…] It’s also about the world our children are going to live in and the attitudes of the people in it. Will our children grow up with tolerance and respect, treating others the way they’d like to be treated? Or will they grow up with discrimination and hate, divided from those around them, subject to the same stupid cycle of anger and strife, the same racism and sexism we’ve overcome before? Will they live in peace? Or will they be subject to rage and pain, the violence of the mob ever present?

So please, think of the children, but with love, not fear.”

-An excerpt from Chris Kluwe’s  just released and brilliantly named book, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.

Via an exclusive excerpt from Out.com.


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