Rep. AZ Governor signs bill effectively rigging future elections

“Why yes, I am the devil reincarnate!”

Republican AZ Governor Jan Brewer has now legalized what I believe can only be described as election fraud. I’m not saying that trying to be a sensationalist, ad I think once you finish reading this blog you’ll agree.

This is one of the reasons I have such a problem with the Republican party, rampant homophobia notwithstanding, the election rigging is getting out of control. If you haven’t heard about the Republican gerrymandering before,  watch this clip by Rachel Maddow. Now read this excerpt from AZ Central’s Laurie Robberts:

This afternoon, Gov. Jan Brewer signed an elections bill that basically wipes out Libertarian and other third-party candidates, boosting their signature requirements to unattainable levels. Green Party candidates would actually have to collect more signatures than they have party members.

[…] Last year, Parker lost his Republican bid for Congress to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema by about 10,000 votes.  Meanwhile, Libertarian Powell Gammill collected just over 16,000 votes.

But for the Libertarian, Parker would be a congressman today.

Holy s#&t. The phrase “No taxation without representation” comes to mind. Ironically, Senator Michele Reagan, the bill’s sponsor, calls it the “elections integrity bill.” I hope someone sues the state over this, and fast. I will be very, very, surprised if Gov. Brewer gets away with this.

If you can’t win legitimately, rig the system! It’s the Republican way!

Story via AZ Central

Photo via here.

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