HRC turns the Internet red for equality

HRC made a pretty big splash earlier this year with their profile picture campaign. As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over Prop 8 and DOMA, they led an allied movement across social networks, encouraging users to change their photos to a red equal sign. The impact was visually dramatic, as Facebook pages and twitter feeds turned red with support.

Now that the Court is almost ready to rule, HRC has raised the bar and made it even easier to demonstrate your beilef in our community’s equality.¬†

Inspired by the anticipation over the much-anticipated Supreme Court rulings, HRC has introduced a new app: Equality Pic. The app makes it easy to take any picture from your phone’s library and either superimpose a red equal sign over the entire graphic, or add a small PiP in the lower corner. All you have to do is change the picture for all of your social networking needs.

HRC claims that in the last round of viral avatar changes, roughly 3 million people updated in a single day, and they’re hoping to surpass those numbers now that judgment day is upon us. As Chad Griffin states, “The red logo says: Equality is everyone’s fight.” He asks that you change your photo and leave it red until SCOTUS rules.

Political campaigns on social networks often have a stigma – they feel good without doing good. But back in March, I remember being astonished by the outpouring of support I saw all over Facebook and Twitter. ¬†Frankly, there’s nothing any individual can do now to change the outcome at the Court. But these are our digital homes, and it really meant something to me that so many of my friends and family came out of the woodwork to proudly demonstrate that my equality meant something to them personally, even if they weren’t individually effected.

This is a truly historic moment in our movement’s history. Take a moment to edit your picture. Post it, and encourage our allies to do the same.

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