Watch: Another couple separated by DOMA


Another day, another couple separated by the Defense of Marriage Act. Pictured above are Tim (left) and Jamie (right). Tim is American, and Jamie is Scottish. Tim and Jamie first met each other in person in August, 2006. Their first date was at The Pink Room in Seattle, Washington. They fell in love.

After going back and forth visiting America and Scotland, in 2009 Jamie was detained at the SeaTac airport due to issues with his visa. He was not allowed to call Tim, who sat just on the other side of the border anxiously awaiting his arrival. Jamie was sent back to the UK, and can no longer enter the United States.

Tim and Jamie got married in Canada in 2012, but because of DOMA Jamie still isn’t recognized as Tim’s husband. ┬áNow they are thinking of moving to Central America just so they can be together.

We should be hearing from the Supreme Court on Prop 8 and DOMA any day now, hopefully after which couples like Tim and Jamie will be able to love in peace.

Come on Supreme Court, get you act together.

4 thoughts on “Watch: Another couple separated by DOMA”

    1. There is for straight couples, but not for same sex ones. Point in case, the DOMA challenge to SCOTUS was filed by Edith Windsor who was married in Canada to another woman, for which she was found to be not entitled for survivor benefits when her partner died, since the federal government, to this point, does not recognize those marriages.
      Btw…nice to see you here MasterAdrian.


      1. First… nice to be here! :-{)

        Second…. Among the members of the European Union (aka EU) it would be considered one of the most serious crimes if a member state would not acknowledge the marital status of citizens of another EU member-state!

        Perhaps with Obama in Berlin at the moment (him being here causing terrible traffic jams and a lot security issues around town especially at the Brandenburger Tor) he could learn something from the EU in matters of equality………..
        That there is no coherent policy amongst the states of the USA is showing its weakness I think.
        But then, that’s just me :-{)



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