The Help is an absolute must see

the-help-posterOMG.  I just watched The Help, with Emma Stone and Viola Davis, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was.  This is a compelling story about the power of people speaking up and speaking out and letting their voice be heard.  Set against the backdrop of hate and racism in the 1960’s this movie works through the perspective of African-American women hired to work as maids in the Deep South.

This movie will make you laugh, and make you cry, and make you think long and hard about what racism felt like and looked like from a unique perspective.  We are a nation just reaching its adolescence in the grand scheme of things and the horrible reality of slavery and racism is nothing more than a generation old and we’d be good to not forget that as a society.  Yes, we’ve come a long way and things are so much better today than they were 40 or 50 years ago but we have a long way to go to be what America really is as an ideal.

I don’t get mad or sad by movies like this anymore.  I let them touch me.  I let them speak to me.  Most importantly I let them strengthen me.  We have to resolve to be better people and better human beings.  It’s those personal revolutions and evolutions of thoughts and paradigms that make us better collectively.  See this movie.  It’ll make you a little sad and it’ll make you a little uncomfortable but the truth hurts and that’s OK.

Trailer for The Help


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