Gigantic pink dog statue stolen after LA Pride!

This is a freaking travesty! The humongous pink bulldog statue you see above was stolen this past Monday off the Santa Monica Boulevard median. The bulldog is one of six bulldog sculptures that were on the median for Sunday’s gay pride parade.

From the LA Times:

The bulldogs — three pink ones and three red ones — were cast in resin by Belgian artist William Sweetlove. The boulevard installation was scheduled to remain in place through September.

“They’re so fun that people might not take them seriously,” said Andrew Campbell of the West Hollywood Economic Development Division. “Maybe somebody didn’t realize they were stealing artwork.”

The 200lb base was left at the scene of the crime, and the value of the statue has not been released for fear of encouraging thefts of the remaining five. Kris Ghesquiere, a representative for the artist, said Sweetlove is willing to give away a $1,600 frog statue as a reward to anyone gives information leading authorities to the bulldog.

“We and the city of West Hollywood did this for the people. Everybody does stupid things sometimes. ” Said Ghesquiere. “We want to give people a chance to give it back with no consequences.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies are reviewing the security tapes of nearby stores to try and catch the dog-thieves. Little advice to the LA County Sheriff department, you might want to get your friends at the NSA a call, I’m sure they can help you solve this crime lickety-split!

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