One queer bird

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So the San Antonio Spurs really bounced back and took it to the Miami Heat last night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  With the Spurs routing the Heat in response to the shellacking they took last Sunday it really is anyone’s series right now.  Obviously the Spurs have the upper hand right now but I really wanted to talk about today was Chris Andersen.

His nickname is the Bird Man and I’m wondering if this guy is just a different kind of guy, really weird in a bad way, or just another Dennis Rodman wannabe.  I’ve never cared for all the body art, on anyone, but to be in a such a high profile profession it just really screams weirdo to me.  It seems excessive.  He’s not a very talented basketball but he doesn’t have to be.  He’s a “role” player that only has to concentrate and focus on one or two specific jobs to support the team.  That’s fine, I get it.  I just have never got a really good vibe from him and I’m bothered he seems to need childish Dennis Rodman like antics to draw attention to himself.

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He was disqualified from the NBA in 2006 for violating the league’s drug policy and his house was investigated in 2012 in Denver for being some Internet crime base.  He was never charged with any crime personally.  He was suspended for a flagrant foul in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Indiana earlier this year.  Either way you slice it he’s definitely different from the norm.  What do you all think?  Weirdo, nut job, or just one queer bird?

For your reading enjoyment, here is the Chris Andersen Wiki page.

Here is an article about his tattoos and here is an article about him wanting to win his first NBA title.

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