Allstate insurance company – “Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable.”

I come to you with this fantastic ad from Allstate via Gay Marriage USA‘s Facebook. The caption below reads “Allstate Insurance recently did a small ad campaign featuring gay couples that was presented in Chicago, San Francisco, and L.A. Kudos to them! This is me (Brad) and TJ (right). We should share and give them kudos!”

It’s great to see a company taking a stand for equality. In case you were wondering, Allstate also has an 85 rating on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. So hey, if you’re looking for some insurance, you might want to check out Allstate!

About Nathan Simpson

Just a student trying to find his way on this pale blue dot.

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  1. curiously wondering

    85% is that supposed to be considered good? State Farm has a 100% I would think that means they really support their own employees.


  2. Congratulations to State Farm and Allstate and all those who love others everywhere, no matter the sexual orientation.



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