Meet Katy

I kindly introduce you to one of our newest sponsors and financial supporters of our blog!

About me right now;  I’m living in MN with my 3 children, one born 4/7/08 (1 day late) and the other 5/15/10 (5 days early) and #3 due June 2012 and 6/12 would have been an awesome birthday but she was born of 5/31 – 2 weeks early.  I moved to MN with a cat and a boyfriend, a VW golf and a Saturn SL (and a moving truck) and now the BF is the husband, our poor kitty from PA is gone but we have a 2 new cats. The Golf  turned into a Mini Van and the Saturn turned into a Prius.  We moved yearly for years but now we own our house plus some rental property and have not moved in 5+ years.  Life changes a lot in 10 years.

I started writing this so my family and friends from NY, NJ and PA could have a way to know what is going on with me day-to-day so when we talk I don’t have to rehash all the mundane details of the past x months, we can skip right to talking about fun stuff.   Now my friend and reader network covers more states and even a few other countries.  I write like I talk but I don’t write about everything just like I don’t talk about everything in public.  This has also become my place to record things, I’m way more likely to blog it then to fill in a baby book, plus my spelling is better here.  If you don’t actually know me you are welcome to read about a basically normal suburban life.  Anyone who is reading this to gather dirt or be a false friend will hopefully move along; karma will get you if your here for ill reasons.

You can check out Katy’s blog here and find out more about Melaleuca from her HERE!

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  1. Thanks for the post Mike – so that is basically my ‘about’ page but it is me in a nutshell. I choose to reach out to this site because it is an exciting time for LGBT rights in MN and I want to put my money where my mouth is and be a supporter. If you guys want to be nice back come check out my page about Melaleuca and give me a chance to show you how great it is. If you are in the twin cities area I will do personal meetings and for everyone else the internet is great and we have the ability to do an overview via webcast (not a youtube).



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