A Strong Fighter and an Even Stronger Woman

Oh, QL ,I have missed you sooo … M is back after a short break!!

Born Boyd Burton, Fallon Fox became the first transgender fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA).  It has been a difficult road since she came out to the public in Sports Illustrated. Receiving supports from her trainers and gym family, fans on Facebook , and kind words from locals in Ohio. Fox’s announcement has not gained as much support as  basketball players Jason Collins and Britney Griner did when they came out to the public. This was such a good story of an inspiring woman and her passion.I admire Fallon Fox for who she is as a fighter and as a woman competing in the MMA. I admire her for coming out, for taking a stand for transgender athletes. I support her.

Read Fallon’s Story http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/13/sports/for-transgender-fighter-fallon-fox-there-is-solace-in-the-cage.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2

I am such a fan of the New York Times. Tonight, I came across this article that really struck a chord with me. Here is the reason why:  I have been training to box (not kick -boxing) for almost a year now. After contemplating gyms, who I wanted to be trained by and if I was crazy for doing what I had a secret passion for ; for almost six years (?) I joined a boxing gym that has not only been a positive influence in my life but another family to me. When I talked to several people about becoming a boxer, they looked at me and laughed. ” You are gonna do what?” they said , this did other me at first but I said ” this is for me, not you.” To this day, I have no regrets . It remains to be seen if I will get to fight.Til then ; I love what I do and I look good doing it. Point is : Like Fallon I am staying true to myself and what I am passionate about.

Keep Your Head Up Girl. Remember to knock them out!

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