Happy ‘Mothers’ Day’ from The New Yorker


The New Yorker‘s next cover page gives appreciation of all mothers for this upcoming ‘Mothers’ Day’, not just those mothers in hetero-sexual relationships. Illustrator Chris Ware writes:

 Few people today don’t know—or have in their families—at least one loving couple who are raising children, same-sex or not. And it’s really just the loving part that matters. That same-sex marriage could go from its preliminary draft of “diagnosable” to the final edit of “so what?” must indicate some positive evolution on the part of the larger human consciousness. My wife, being a biology teacher, puts it even more succinctly: “Why are all these people so worried about who everybody else is sleeping with, anyway?” (Score two for Moms.)

So, a final draft: happy Mothers’ Day, moms. We are grateful to, and love, you all.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Cheers to The New Yorker, and cheers to all mothers!

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