Video of TX Gov. Rick Perry: Gay scouting is like slavery

From Joe. My. God.

Governor Rick Perry must like the taste of shoe because he’s constantly putting his foot in his mouth. This time with a remarkably oversimplified anecdote about Sam Houston’s reluctance to leave the Union over slavery.

In Rick’s mind, this is the same kind of inspired leadership needed by the Boy Scouts. He calls on the discriminatory organization to resist the forces of “flavor of the month pop culture” that would undermine boyhood, manhood, and ‘Mericanhood.

Side note: Isn’t Perry pro-secession?

I really don’t have anything else to say about this. Or I do, but I would rather not pull out any more of my hair. Video after the jump.

3 thoughts on “Video of TX Gov. Rick Perry: Gay scouting is like slavery”

  1. It was quite enjoyable to me to see Perry self destruct during the Election cycle last year. He typifies everything that is wrong with this type of warped, backwards thinking on equality and freedom. You can ride the waves that are ushering us all to a more perfect Union or you can be swept away by them…never to be heard from again.


  2. Actually, I hope he resurrects his campaign in 2016. I like the idea of having a Democrat in the Executive Mansion for another four years. By the way, I didn’t watch the video. A already know anything that comes from him is bigoted and stupid. Why waste my time?


  3. I find it interesting that Perry picks as his example a man who was standing against the tide of popular opinion of the day in Texas. He doesn’t seem to understand that Houston stood on the right side of history, and against slavery. Perry is taking the opposite stand, opting to stand with discrimination and bigotry. I wonder if anyone on Perry’s staff, or any of his other associates, had the balls to explain to him why Houston was a inappropriate choice with which to compare himself?



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