Jackie Chan comes out of the closet…

As an ally for the LGBT community! Jackie Chan and several other celebrities have joined GLAAD’s latest PSA campaign “Coming Out for Equality.”

The series is produced and directed by Brett Ratner, and includes celebrities like Tamala Jones (Castle), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and DeRay Davis (21 Jump Street), and many, many more.

GLAAD’s Wilson Cruz said in a statement “Our straight allies are essential participants on the road to full acceptance of the LGBT community. From athletes to faith leaders to elected officials across the political spectrum, straight Americans are speaking out for equality at a rapid rate and we hope more across the nation will be inspired to take action in support of LGBT people.”

GLAAD is also reporting that Comcast and NBCUniversal are media partners for the PSA, and will contribute $1.5 million in national airtime, so you can expect to see these PSAs on your own TV.

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