Swedish Mobile Carrier features pro-gay ad!


With all of the support that’s coming from the sports world right now, I love this new ad from the Swedish mobile carrier Halebop. It features a gay hockey player in the locker room with his teammates.  The ad and the english translation are after the jump!

According to a user on YouTube, the English translation is

Guy 1: “Miss you, Theo Ekenborg [name of a guy]”
Guy 1: “Who’s that?”
Guy 2: “It’s … It’s my boyfriend.”
Guy 2: “We’re celebrating our … one year anniversary”
Guy 1: “Congrats! One year, that’s not easy”

In the end you hear another guy in the background saying “I know who it is. He’s damn good looking”

It should also be noted this ad is coming from a country where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2009! So it’s not too surprising such an adorable ad would come from Sweden. Let’s hope the trend comes our way!

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