My Favorite Arguments Tearing Down Anti-Equality Ignorance

hypocrisyEarlier today, BuzzFeed made a list of 19 Creative Ways People Have Satirized Anti-Gay Arguments. Because here at Queer Landia we can, at times, be a sarcastic bunch, a few of the points made in the article have been shared here on QL. Now I think the easiest way to take down the argument against equality is to show how absurd their argument is in the first place, I think it’s high-time we revisit a few of these beautiful pieces of satire and wonderful break-downs of the religious argument.

First: Here’s one of my all-time favorites from famous vlogger Hank Green:

If you’re interested, here’s the video in which his brother John Green discusses what being ‘married’ meant before it was attributed to religion.

Second: A picture of Rick Santorum created with images of porn, because we all know of the filth that spilled out of that mans mouth.


Third: This clever speech by Missouri preacher Phil Snider about gays and lesbians (watch the whole thing!)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – I mean, separate but equal amirite?


Fourth: If gays can get married, hetero married couples will be forced to stop loving their kids!

And last but not least, (otherwise this blog post could go on forever), one of my favorites from the BuzzFeed article, The 12 Most Convincing Arguments Ever Against Gay Marriage.

Okay, maybe just one more: What does gay look like?
“Bitch I’m fabulous!”

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