Conservatives at anti-gay rally admit gay marriage doesn’t affect them at all


ThinkProgress hung around the anti-gay rally today to ask attendees if marriage equality has impacted their marriage at all. It’s a reasonable question, being one of the main conservative talking points besides ‘think of the children’ is ‘it undermines our marriage’.

I almost have to give it to them, the brass-balls it takes to stick to a position even after you admit it’s wrong, well that’s a whole other level of stick-to-itiveness I can’t even comprehend. Watch the video after the jump:

Though some might describe it as a “Gotcha!” moment, the reporter didn’t try and manipulate those opponents of marriage equality, he asked them flat out. “Has [gay marriage] impacted your marriage at all?” Of course they responded with the truth (at least at first), and that is “No.” Thanks for the laughs, ThinkProgress.

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  1. Those wonderful four words: “It’s not an issue.” From their mouths to Scalia’s ears…



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