The verdict on Cool Ranch Doritos Taco from Taco Bell- Thanks but no thanks.

coolranchtacoAlright Taco Bell, we need to talk. First off, allow me to say I am a fan. I think you have a great dollar menu, and I’ve always liked your Chalupa and Crunchwrap Supreme. However, this new thing you’ve got going with the Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos taco shell is just not working out.

For starters, it makes the taco extremely messy. Because the Dorito shell, it soaks up more of the moisture from the beef and it just breaks apart. The fact it comes in a cardboard shell doesn’t help that. But hey, I understand it’s for marketing purposes.

Next, we all know why there’s the 2 am rush at our nearest Taco Bell, it’s about that time when people get hit with the munchies, be it from drinking or other, ahem, herbal forms of intoxication. No one can say you don’t know your clientele.

Next, it’s a little difficult to even taste the Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese flavor.There’s an ever-so-slight dusting of cool ranch flavor that really just tastes like more salt. Without the extra flavor, there’s no reason to pay the price for a taco, specially when all it’s going to do is disintegrate in your hands. At about an extra 40 cents extra over a regular taco, if buying two you’ve practically wasted a 89 cent cheesy burrito. With broke college students counting pennies, it’s an obvious waste.

So thanks Taco Bell, for making America feel even more like America. But next time I have the choice of your Doritos Locos Tacos or anything else, I’d have to go with anything else.

Photo by Ben Popken

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