Obama picks winner for March Madness, GOP refuse to “get with it”.


I just love this comic. It’s March, and for sport lovers that means NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness or the Big Dance. For all of you non-sport types out there, you just need to know it’s the biggest deal in college basketball.

But back to why I love this comic. Every year Obama shares his picks for the Big Dance, and just this morning he was on ESPN laying out his picks. (For the record, Obama thinks the Indiana Hoosiers will beat out Louisville Cardinals in the finals).

As you can imagine, the GOP takes this as an opportunity to whine about ‘why Obama is ignoring his duties as president’ and calling it “a shocking failure of leadership.”

First off, it’s been proven that all work and no play make for poor performing workers. You can bet your arse President Obama works 18+ hour days on the regular. I think we don’t need to jump down his throat when he expresses his interest in a sport that a metric-sh*t-ton of people in this country care deeply about.

Secondly, while to the GOP’s credit they do realise they’re way out of touch and want to reach out to LGBT and minority communities, they still think the only thing that’s wrong is their message, NOT their policies. Well attacking the President for caring about basketball is not the way to increase your support among college youth.

But hey, keep doing what you’re doing GOP. It only means more votes to the Democrats in the future.

3 thoughts on “Obama picks winner for March Madness, GOP refuse to “get with it”.”

  1. GOP strategy for winning in the future: Do more of what made them lose in the past! Time for a new manager? Not to mention some new plays. And definitely some new players!



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