Interview with the man behind Mitt Romney’s 47% video


Scott Prouty, the man with the plan. I’m sure you remember Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe during the election last year, well we have Scott Prouty to thank for that. He was one the who recorded and uploaded the video, and lucky duck Ed Schultz got an exclusive interview with Prouty when he decided to come forward.

Prouty’s reasoning for making the video, and then releasing it is one that should be applauded. You can summarize it down to he believed someone shouldn’t have to pay $50,000 (the price for a spot at the dinner table) to hear what Mitt Romney really thinks. 

As you recall Mitt Romney tried to walk back his outrageous statements, saying “I didn’t mean what I said,” and “I misspoke.” However we have since seen he is so far from understanding what the working class goes through he’s in another galaxy.

So below is a small taste of the interview, for the full thing, (and I highly recommend watching the full thing) just click here.

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