Cutest coasters ever

I stole got these from my dear friends Trevor and Eilen and they are my absolute favorite coasters…ever! Also test driving my new Nokia Lumina 920 Windows Phone camera. ;)

About Mike Martinez

I'm the founder and managing editor of Queer Landia. I live in the SF Bay Area and communication, technology, and leadership are my true passions in life.

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  1. Cool coasters…did ya just get the phone today?


  2. Yesterday but I’ve been downloading all my apps and getting used to it. The Nokia navigation app that is built for Windows 8 is super awesome. It gives you a 3D display just like a bona fide GPS does. I was blown away.


  3. I am disappointed it didn’t automatically landscape it though. My Samsung Focus S Windows Phone did. I’ll have to toy with it some more.


  4. Love the coasters!!!! Jealous I want some lol. Love it!



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