Video: Quebec launches new anti-homophobia campaign

The Quebec government has just launched a new five-year, $7.1 million, campaign that fights homophobia. There are radio ads, tv spots, and an interactive website that aims makes the user take a look at just how open-minded they are.

The ad’s are nice, they depict a gay guy/girl in an everyday situation, then at then end they kiss their significant other. It’s not raunchy, but it’s not a quick peck either.

What is really interesting though, is the new website, It’s in English and French, and leads the user though different scenarios and asks you about your level of comfort on each one.

For example, in one scenario a doctor comes in, you’re told the doctor has always been bisexual, and does this bother you? You can reply with “Not at all”, “A little”, or “A lot”. What happens when you click one of the last two options, is something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Martine Delagrave, who oversaw the project for the ad firm, told The Canadian Press “We learned in our research that Quebec is viewed as open to sexual diversity – but homophobia still exists and it still exists in Quebec. Our idea for a first campaign was to shed some light, to have some awareness about how open we really are.”

It’s a very interesting website that I think will be very helpful in changing people’s minds. So watch the videos below, then click over to their website yourself and see what they’re doing.

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