Hello Boulder!

So I watched the Ignite Boulder video with Ash Beckham this week and I really enjoyed it.  If you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely take the 5 minutes and watch it.  It will make your day!  I also embedded the video in a new Video of the Week widget in the right hand sidebar.

I was so impressed with Ignite Boulder and over the years I’ve never heard anything but great things about Boulder, Colorado.  In that spirit, I’ve added a brand new Boulder page to our directory and I’ve already found several great links to cool gay stuff in the area.  I’ve also awarded a complimentary page sponsorship to Ignite Boulder for their support and allowing such a great talk to happen during their forum.  These are the type of progressive, quirky, and open-minded folks we want to support in return.

You can check out the new Boulder page here and you can check out our new Colorado state page in a few weeks when Senior Blogger Tom Janus gets a chance to work on populating it some.  Helloooooo Boulder!  :-)



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