The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad!

Ban same-sex marriage! Otherwise parents will stop loving their kids and all heteros will be forced to get divorced! Watch the fun bit of satire below.

Paid for by the people whose lives are ruined whenever other people are treated equally.”

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad!”

  1. WTH does getting marred to the same sex has to do with their lives?! You should love your child regardless of what is going on in society. If you dont because someone who is gay or lesbian or any other sexual orientation decides to get married and become happy, then we should be looking at you! Why would you have to break up your marriage because someone else is getting married? Straight people get married all the time and you wouldnt get a divorce! So what is the difference if a gay lesbian etc person gets married? NOTHING! There is no difference, that is unjust and down right idiotic! IT is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen too!


  2. Love this video.. it’s definitely been making the rounds on Facebook and I posted it on my blog the other day as well. I think the more we get people to see the absurdity of these ‘arguments’ the sooner this becomes an non-issue and we can all just be people. :D



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