MMMMadness …..March Madness Or Mustache March

Its that first week of March, I thought I would take time and give a couple of reasons why I am excited about March:

1. The NCAA Basketball Tournaments start! These Gents play for the love of the game and I love this game! ( with that said I used to play sports as well as a cheerleader in HS and college. )

2. Spring is coming! The birdies are gonna chirp and the flowers bloom and this confounded snow will melt!

3. St. Patty’s day- Green Beer and Black n’ Tans.  Best part …my Creme de Menthe cupcakes. Yumm-o and a Lime Gimmlet Martini

4. Mustache and Mullets !? Priceless =)

Ok… let me elaborate. It is 2 months until graduation at the college I am attending. Some guys are dubbing this mustache and mullet March. They are growing out their mustaches and their hair until the end of march. At the end of March, they are going to groom their staches and get their mullets did. They then will proceed to the nearest sears portrait studio and get their senior pics taken wearing fanned shirts. (complete with a fat wiener dog  which will be included in these epic shots) I find this hilarious and yet wonder if anyone else would do that?  I heart mustaches because they remind me of Yosamity Sam and they make great art pieces ( Im working on a print myself).

Tell me what you think? Would you do the mustache/ mullet March challenge? How would you grow out yo stache? Handlebar, The Chevron,The Dali, English, Fu Manch, or perhaps an Imperial mustache? OR a fingerstache?


2 thoughts on “MMMMadness …..March Madness Or Mustache March”


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