Stereotypes | What to do?

I don’t know about you, but with all the dialog, about what’s happening with Prop8, DOMA and the Supreme Court, in my surroundings, many people are talking about it, and whether it’s relatives, friends, the chick at the check-out, or the bag boy, most seem pretty supportive of the measures.  Oh sure, there is the occasional guy in the pick-up, with the shotgun in the back window, who will spout out something like “oh the f*&king queers want to take over everything”.  But, out of all this, brings me to what I wanted to talk bout…Stereotypes.  In a few of my conversations with people, it’s interesting and sometimes annoying, to the point I want to stand up and yell at them, how they categorically describe gay people.  First off, the media. In an effort to deliver a news story, whether in print or broadcast, the headline tells it all, short and to the point, as in “Bears Roar on Folsom Street”. Now, most of us understand what that means, but the older lady down the street from me, looks and says to me one day, ” you don’t look like the rest of gays, because you’re not all big and hairy! Bingo, she has her uninformed, stereotypical perceptions  locked in.  My second, and last one is “Flamboyant Pride Parade on Michigan Ave” which, when seen and read about, depicts flamboyantly or barely dressed people showing their wild side and being proud about at the same time.  Now, don’t misunderstand, I’m all for people in the community expressing themselves.  It’s the stereotype snap shot for the non-LBGT person that concerns me the most.

Well, it may be just me, but being known and self-described as Gay, is enough for me, and I really don’t like that, I just want to be known as Tom.

So, I leave you today with a little free form verse from ~River-Wolf

Be bold,
Be rebellious,
Be enigmatic,
Be angelic,
Be kinky.
Be trendy,
Be honest,
Be energetic,
Be sexy,
Be timid,
Be emotional,
Be rowdy,
Be elusive,
Be original,
Be true,
Be you,
Be positive,
Be everything you want to be.
Break the stereotype

7 thoughts on “Stereotypes | What to do?”

  1. In other words, each one be themselves. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to break the proverbial “mold.” Humans have always stereotyped all those they perceive as different from themselves. Hopefully, a future generation can move beyond this trait. Nice post.


  2. I’m not sure where the line is between harmless preconceptions and stereotypes. Obviously judging and forming opinions on prior experience is human nature.
    I just long for the day when it is universally accepted that homosexuality is not a choice and I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. With this advent I think it would be a lot easier to identify that an individual is gay without that fact having any baring on the person they are.
    At the very least I think the gay stereotype has and contines to evolve and what that shows is that change is happening albeit very slowly. Unfortunately how little that means to the individual!
    How much quicker stereotypes and bigotry born from ignorance could be deconstructed if the media were a bit more… wise.
    Enjoyed the post, thanks for a good read!


  3. Thanks for the comment, and regarding the “homosexuality is not a choice”, you’re spot on. Since most of this comes from bigoted religious dogma, it for sure won’t happen in our lifetime…and that’s just sad.


  4. Stereotypes will never go away. That’s why we need people to come out and live proud, healthy lives in the light of the day. It’s the only thing that will combat the lies and myths that are told about us. Besides, stereotypes are usually grounded in at least some truth. So they’ll never go away.



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