Let’s see how big of a bullet Tebow dodged when canceling on Robert Jeffress

It’s good to see Tim Tebow was wise enough to take whomever’s advice to cancel his speaking engagement at First Baptist in Dallas, otherwise he’d be rubbing elbows with preacher Robert Jeffress, and that would be a lot of bad PR for Tebow.

Robert Jeffress employs a few of the classic flawed arguments. He likens gays to animals, child molesters, calls homosexuality an addiction, and not to mention his blatant disregard for facts. The American Psychological Association withdrew it’s definition of homosexuality as a mental illness not because the “gay lobby” forced them to do so, but because homosexuality is not a mental illness. Period. The AMA also deemed ‘reparative therapy’ as “harmful” because that’s exactly what it is.

Tebow, you’ve dodged a controversial bullet on this one.

7 thoughts on “Let’s see how big of a bullet Tebow dodged when canceling on Robert Jeffress”

  1. Jeffress is one of those “laugh so you don’t cry” issues with me. And while Tebow tends to grate on my nerves, I do believe he tries to be a “good Christian” in the real sense, and has better sense and morals than to be associated with the likes of Jeffress.


    1. One can only hope. That would be really cool if he did pass on this opportunity because of this issue. The NFL is doing a lot right now to be on the right side of equality so it’s not inconceivable to me that they called him off.



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