Westboro Baptist Cult out-protested by students in Santa Monica, CA

god.loveNow I don’t talk about Westboro too often anymore, I don’t like to give them the credit. We’re all pretty aware of their “We use God as an excuse to preach hate” antics, and now that there has been a widespread shift in thinking in America’s culture (one could argue we are in the middle of the shift as well, since you can still be fired just for being gay I feel that giving Westboro attention is giving them what they want.

Although sometimes it’s still fun to watch them squirm when being interviewed, it’s even more fun to watch Westboro walk away in defeat. Which is exactly what happened when they tried protesting Santa Monica High School because “The moral compasses of these children have been broken at the hands of their parents, their teachers, and their preachers from the cradle.”

The counter protest held by the students was massive, with signs reading “Go back to Kansas” and “God=Love”. YouTuber Ben Ross has a great video of the event set to John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance. Watch it after the jump:

To top it all off, the LA Times reports after the protest was finished, the school district’s Board of Education sent a letter to the community reaffirming the school board’s “unwavering commitment to teach tolerance, acceptance and compassion for others.”

In response to the planned protest, the school district’s Board of Education adopted an open letter to the community last week, reaffirming the school board’s “unwavering commitment to teach tolerance, acceptance and compassion for others.”


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  1. More and more events like this across the nation, other countries adopting marriage equality around the world, and 80 Republicans sign on in support? What is this, the “end times”?? ;-) We may have to start planning what we’re going to do after we win!


  2. The Westboro Antichrists are having a tough time of it lately. Perhaps they should turn their attention to reforming their hateful and hurtful behaviors.


  3. Yeah Nate…beautiful…



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