Profiles – important photo tips

Grindr. Scruff. Hornet. Mister. Jack’d. Adam4Adam. etc. etc. etc.

Gay men, here are a few important tips for your “dating” profile pictures.  If taken in your bedroom, close the closet doors.  We don’t need to see all the stuff piled in there.  Pick up all the clothes laying helter-skelter around the room.  Make your bed.  (remember, you have the fashion and decorating stereotypes to uphold!)

If taken in the bathroom, as so many seem to be these days, tidy the place up a bit.

Most important:  wash the mirror!  You may be the hottest thing around, but toothpaste splatter in your picture is simply – gross!

That is all.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging, already in progress.

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