Rep. Huelskamp believes 70% of America opposes equality

ImageBy now we’re familiar with the GOP’s courageous battle against statistical reality – whenever you’re having a bad day, just rewatch Karl Rove’s on-air meltdown. US Rep.Tim Huelskamp from Kansas’s 1st Congressional District carries on that fight, claiming that 70% of Americans “support traditional marriage” which, in his mind, means opposition to marriage equality. He will not be dissuaded by poll after poll after poll after poll showing that the majority of Americans support equality.

And because he was in the echo chamber of Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council, he really echoed. Huelskamp went on record with this heroically inaccurate factoid twice.

Huelskamp said:

Someone has to stand up and defend the seventy percent position that most Americans support traditional marriage, most Americans understand the value of family, they understand it’s under attack and they understand that, they see it, they believe it. So we got to stand up.


I’ve always been confused by Republicans that refuse to support a seventy percent position and say, ‘gosh we can’t take our stand there.’ But whether it’s Obamacare, whether it’s these radical [Department of Defense] proposals coming out of the White House or changing all the employment rules to specifically and selectively reward homosexual behavior, those are really radical ideas and most Americans do not accept them.

I’ll have to contact my Representative to find out where I can collect my Selective Reward for Homosexual Behavior®.

The truly astounding part of Huelskamp’s claim? He’s taking a step towards reality. Last year he told the American Family Association:

Eight-five [sic] percent of Americans say, ‘We support traditional marriage,’ and the Senate does the opposite.

Watch out Michelle Bachmann – there’s a new crazy on Capitol Hill.

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