Battle for the roses

KYLE-MCCARTER-ILLINOIS-GAY-MARRIAGE-largeIn a glaring demonstration of ignorance concerning an entire industry, Illinois state Senator Kyle McCarter (R) warns that if marriage equality becomes law in his state, “Businesses will be affected. Bed and breakfasts, florists, all those that are wedding-related, will be affected. They will choose to, most of them, dissolve their businesses.”  Florists will close rather than let their precious carnations, lilies, and roses appear at a gay wedding?  News flash, Kyle: about most of those florists…

In his battle to save the roses, McCarter posted to his Facebook “To redefine marriage is discriminatory towards those who hold the sincerely held religious belief that it is a sacred institution between a man & a woman.”  (We don’t know if he has commented on the divorce rate between heterosexuals, and Illinois law that permits such divorces.  We would assume such a law also discriminates against those who hold sincere religious beliefs that ‘what God has joined together, let no man put asunder’. If we hear, we’ll let you know.)

One thought on “Battle for the roses”

  1. The haters and homophobes use any lame excuse to try to justify their bigotry. However, his is, by far, among the most absurd I’ve seen. If Illinois permits marriage equality, being one of ten states and the District of Columbia that do so, it will probably increase the wedding related industries. volume of business.



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