A Good Day to Die Hard: How a son in the CIA reconnected with his father

“So you’ve done this before?”

So Valentin’s day, what do you do? Well you see the most romantic movie that’s out of course, A Good Day to Die Hard. This movie makes for the fifth film of the Die Hard series, and in my opinion, one of the weakest.

To be honest, it was just okay. Sure there were shoot-outs and large explosions aplenty, but by the end the movie just felt like it was lacking. Let me follow-up that assessment with this, I did not go into the theater thinking A Good Day to Die Hard would be the next greatest action movie of all time with a plot full of substance and finesse or expect academy award-winning performances. It’s a guilty pleasure action film, one you watch because not only have they ‘jumped the shark’ but they went back and took that shark to the moon.

die.hard.russiaOne other thing that slightly bugged me, is in the trailer when John McClane arrives in Russia and is sitting in a taxi cab, the driver asks “Are you a cop?“, well in the movie he never asked him that bit. I assuming it was cut, but I’d really like to know why. There’s also a few other parts that were shown in other trailers that were cut or used alternative lines in the movie as well. Some might argue it was so the trailers weren’t too revealing, but I found it to be distracting while watching the movie. And the lines for the trailers weren’t censored versions of the line used in the movie, they chose to go a whole different direction.

Even thought it came out on Valentine’s Day, A Good Day to Die Hard is much more of a feel-good fathers day movie. We see John’s son Jack (Jai Courtney) for the first time, and he does make for a little bit of comedy, and ties together the plot line.

One could also change the title from A Good Day to Die Hard to “Bruce Willis Gets Attacked By Helicopters” or “Bruce Willis Fends Off Helicopter Attacks” or “Bruce Willis Reconnects With Son While Fighting Helicopters.” [Spoiler?] Really John McClane only get’s attacked by a helicopter twice, but the point still stands.

Now I’m done nit-picking at the movie, I promise. A Good Day to Die Hard was a fun film and did keep me entertained, it just fell a little flat. If you’re a die hard Die Hard fan, by all means still go see it. I just don’t see any other Die Hard being greater than the one with Samuel L. Jackson,  Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

Rating: ***/5 stars.

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