President endorses Orlando for 2018 Gay Games!

Hey sports fans! Today comes with some interesting and exciting news. President Obama has endorsed Orlando’s bid to host the 2018 Gay Games! This is undoubtedly the first time the President of the United States has ever vocally supported the event. The beginning of the letter reads:

“I am pleased to voice my support for the City of Orlando’s bid to host the Gay Games 2018.”

“As President of the United States, I am committed to advancing equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community, both in America and around the world.”

Alright guys, let’s just talk about this for a second. The President of the freaking United States has not only expressed support for the event, but endorsed on of our cities to host it again. The Gay Games isn’t on the forefront of people’s minds when thinking about LGBT equality, yet it was something our President decided was worth talking about. It wasn’t too long ago that supporting the LGBT community would get you boo’d down on a national scale. So do yourself a favor and read the letter from President freaking Obama below.


Story via Washington Blade

2 thoughts on “President endorses Orlando for 2018 Gay Games!”

  1. I think he’ll generally be more vocal and openly supportive of gay rights now that his re-election bid was successful. I was not an Obama fan when he first took office but he is continuing to mature into the role I think and I’m proud to have been an ardent supporter of his in 2012. I’m going to rest a while from the fervor of politics for a while in my blogging life but we need to start thinking and talking about Clinton in 2016! ;-)



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