OMG! Gotta get the bread and milk!!!

This made me laugh…and cringe! It reminds me of the insane lengths people went to when I was living in places where there is more snow. You can bet if even a few flurries were in the forecast, there was going to be a long line at the grocery store…and yes, people were getting bread and milk!! I’ve never understood it. In the places I lived, there was never a time that people were stranded for weeks or even days because of snow, so why the panic to get bread and milk when there’s a CHANCE of snow? It’s funny how the mere mention of the POSSIBLITY of snow results in people preparing for the apocalypse!

2 thoughts on “OMG! Gotta get the bread and milk!!!”

  1. I laughed and laughed. But then I guess to be fair, maybe it’s more the inconvenience of going out on a snow day that we are worried about than being stranded, so we’d rather stock up and hibernate, all cozy and warm with not one comfort to sacrifice. And now that I think of it, whilst making this explanation, maybe that tendency to spoil ourselves is worse than the panic.



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