The biggest little city in the world

That’s what they call Reno, Nevada.  I had a chance to spend a weekend in Reno last month and I was really impressed with this sleepy little town.  The drive up yonder, just on the other side of Sacramento, is really beautiful and the mountains and the snow give the area a tremendous amount of charm and appeal.

Not only can you gamble, you can get rooms at nice hotels for reasonable, and what really surprised me is that are more than a few gay hang outs and organizations in the area.  So we decided to add a Reno page to our directory of local links.  I’m totally 100% serious about hosting the largest collection of gay links for easy access to our readers and we are on our way.

You can check out the new Reno page here.  If you know of a gay link that might belong on the page you can send it to Nathan Simpson at for consideration.  Every gay business or organization gets ONE text link in our directory for free.  If you’d like to throw your logo up on the page or perhaps even sponsor the page and get your logo at the very top then let me know and I’ll take care of you.  I can be reached at  We’ll keep you all posted as our directory of local gay business grows!


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