Oregon lesbian couple refused service, awesome baker steps up to “right this injustice.”

Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes

“My name is Aaron Klein, and I’m a bad baker and I should feel bad”

I have some bad news and some awesome news. Bad news: Last week baker Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes in Oregon refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, and called the couple “abominations unto the Lord” while he was oh-so-politely refusing them service. While Klein holds that he was free to refuse service on religious grounds, he did violate the Oregon Equality Act of 2007 which outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Klein is currently being investigated for his actions.

duff.gNow for the Awesome news: Duff Goldman of the incredibly delicious show Ace of Cakes stepped up to the plate on HuffPost Live and offered to make the couple a cake and drive it up from LA to Oregon, for free.

“I saw this story and I was like ‘Wait, there’s an injustice involving a cake, I can fix this.’ And so I just wanted to say if the couple that’s out there, if you guys want, I will make you a cake for free, drive it up to Portland, no charge, just to right this wrong ’cause this guy’s an idiot.”

[...]“If I was that guy’s religion, I’d be really mad at this dude. Like wait, ‘What did you do with my religion? What did you do in the name of who you and I are connect by?’ It’s terrible.” – HuffPost Live

So lesbian couple, I hope you keep up on your news story because you have a chance for pretty much the best baker ever to make and deliver you a cake. For. Free.

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens!

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  1. I guess I wont be buying a cake at Sweet Cakes, oh and fuck Aaron Klein!


  2. I hope he’s fined or something.



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