Illinois Marriage Equality Merry-Go-Round

IllinoisWell, here we go again, and my enthusiasm is still high for the upcoming vote on Marriage Equality in Illinois, and to think, on Valentines Day! 

Back in late December, I posted something similar, regarding an earlier vote that ended up failing to reach the floor, due to absent supporters in the lame duck session, and now, according to an article over at Huffington Post Chicago, it looks even more promising that it will pass.  There are a lot of issues in Illinois, that put it in a bad light, Corruption, Corporate Tax Rates, and it’s huge deficit. Passage of this bill, will not only satisfy the dreams and hopes of so many people, it will also put a favorable light on the state.  Committed gay & lesbian couples currently can have limited civil unions, and what they want is marriage, and nothing less.

One thought on “Illinois Marriage Equality Merry-Go-Round”


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